-Katie The Russian

We didn’t want to just sit and witness the “sovereign individual” thesis play out, we wanted to accelerate it. We are helping the free market evolve to make governments compete for your wealth and fruits of your labor, while incentivizing them to provide you with better services at better prices.

-Katie The Russian


The Ultimate Hedge
Flag Theory
Tax Avoidance
Asset Protection
Visa-free Travel

Having a second jurisdiction to call home becomes a necessity in times of instability, lockdowns, and government violence. Passports to a safe harbor for you and your family may be the best gift money can buy.

We all take for granted the idea of shopping around for the best match when it comes to consumer items, but Flag Theory takes this a step further, re-framing the relationship between citizens and government as one of customer and service provider.

Legal ways to optimize your tax strategies by selecting the best jurisdictions for residencies and citizenship(s).

Protect yourself from wealth confiscation. Whether we are experiencing another “6102”, the “bail-ins” of Cyprus in 2013 or talk of taxing unrealized capital gains in the United States, risks once considered unthinkable are now something which must be taken seriously. Let layers of bureaucracy work to your advantage under Flag Theory!

Operating through another jurisdiction provides a layer of protection from privacy invasions which may be the norm under your current government. Privacy is a human right!

One of the most popular reasons for obtaining a second passport through Plan B is the opportunity to greatly increase the number of nations which you can access without a visa. The countries with which we operate carry some of the most powerful passports in the world, averaging visa-free access to over 145 nations.

Our team
Katie The Russian

Katie The Russian

Founder; CEO

Jessica Hodlr

Jessica Hodlr


Nadine Sidorova

Nadine Sidorova

Head of Legal

Dasha Chumacheva

Dasha Chumacheva

Client Manager Success

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