Turkey provides you with a passport that detaches you both geographically and geopolitically from both – the 5-eye countries and the European Union. Turkey also offers an amazing hedge against your homeland jurisdiction.

Key points

Expected ROI

While most programs are named Citizenship by Investment, not many can be seen as an actual investment with profitable ROI. 
While this is not financial advice, it is worth noticing that over the last couple of years Turkish real estate has brought incredible returns to investors. Currently, real estate gains are projected at a 15-20% annual growth in USD terms.

Family citizenship

Your spouse and kids under 18 will be able to join you as dependents.

Simple paperwork

Compare to Caribbean programs, Turkey’s CBI doesn’t require as many documents which makes it easier for the applicant.

Short Holding period

The holding period for the purchased real estate is three years which is extremely low compared to other CBI programs that average between 5-7 years.


Turkey is a good Plan B option if you are looking for a jurisdiction that is detached from English speaking countries and the EU.

Program Overview

Real Estate investment

On the basis of purchasing $400 000 worth of properties (can be multiple units), the investor is qualified to apply for Citizenship. The required holding period is 3 years.

Visa-free entry
Estimated processing time



  1. Plan B passport agreement signed, internal Due Diligence initiated.
  2. Onboarding call to discuss the paperwork and real estate options.
  3. Tax number and bank account under the name of main applicant are obtained.
  4. Property is closed. Evaluation report and Title Deed received. 3 years holding period enforced on the property.
  5. Residence permit obtained. Citizenship application submitted.
  6. Fingerprints collected.
  7. Passport printed and delivered to the applicant.
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