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Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Plan B fees can be paid with bitcoin, in some jurisdictions we are able to facilitate the full payment in BTC or a stablecoin.

How do I know which country is best for me?

Your consult with Plan B will help you determine your best options based on factors such as whether you are applying with a family, if you have special visa-free access requirements, and so on. We’ll also provide you with detailed tax information for the jurisdictions you’re looking at.

Should I apply via donation or real estate investment?

The answer to this depends on the priorities of the individual, and Plan B will help you to decide which route is best for you. Factors to consider include overall cost, intention to reside in the jurisdiction, opportunity cost of holding real estate, etc.

Why do Plan B’s jurisdictions require documentation on my source of funds?

When applying for a citizenship, you’ll be asked to document the source of your funds in order to assure the jurisdiction that the money originates from a legal source. Along with a background check, this helps to maintain the reputation of the Citizenship By Investment process, ensuring that your passport remains powerful.

I barely use my bank account. I don’t have the funds for investment at this moment, nor have I had it there for the last 12 months:

We understand the opportunity cost of holding fiat like nobody else in the industry, therefore we’ve learned how to work with that situation. Depending on the jurisdiction, we may need you to have a sufficient amount for the donation prior to submission; in others it won’t be necessary.

What are other sources of funds that I can present for the process?

Source of funds documents can include records of a business sale, real estate sale, brokerage account statements, employment contracts, tax declarations and for some jurisdictions - Bitcoin gains.

Can I apply if I have a criminal record?

This would be taken on a case-by-case basis, starting with submitting a police report to Plan B. The nature of the crime and when it occurred will of course influence this answer. It is in the client’s best interest that we ensure they do not incur fees for a process which will ultimately be disqualified by the jurisdictions in question.

How do I obtain a police report for my background check?

Plan B will direct you to the appropriate agencies, based on your residence history.

What does it mean that my documents must have “Apostille”?

Apostille is an international document authentication standard described in the Hague Convention of 1961. The process for obtaining Apostille varies from country to country. Plan B will help guide you to the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction.

Once I have my new passport, can I stop paying taxes in any other jurisdiction?

It’s important to remember that you may be considered a tax resident of a country based on the amount of time you have resided there in a given year, financial transactions, etc. Your new citizenship does not erase those legal obligations. Consulting an accountant is highly recommended.

Are Citizenship By Investment passports recognized by all countries?

A citizenship/passport obtained through the CBI process carries the same legal status as any other passport from that jurisdiction.

Will I have to go and live in another country in order to obtain a passport?

Our Caribbean jurisdictions do not require you to appear in person to obtain a passport. There may be very limited requirements to visit an island (for example, a few days over a five year period) afterwards.

How soon can I get my new passport?

While some jurisdictions move more quickly than others, a general answer is six to eight months. Governments have a tendency to move at their own pace, and the COVID-19 situation has produced its own delays. Plan B will always keep you informed through the various stages of the process.

Do I have to deal with COVID-19 restrictions in my new jurisdiction?

Regulations regarding COVID-19 vary between jurisdictions, with some being more travel-friendly than others. The situation is fluid, so the answer to this question will shift depending on when and where we are applying it.

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