The legendary “Spice Island” of the Caribbean, Grenada is known for it’s nutmeg, chocolates, and rum. The English speaking island features a culture born from it’s varied history of French, British, and African influences.

Key points

124+ countries

Visa-free or visa on arrival access to over 124 countries and territories worldwide, including the United Kingdom, China, Singapore and the Schengen Area

No requirement

There is no requirement to reside in Grenada before or after citizenship is granted

Complete confidentiality

Complete confidentiality with respect to citizenship, ensuring that one's citizenship status is not reported to third parties

E-2 visa access to the United States

Family citizenship

You, your spouse, your dependents (unmarried children younger than 29 and parents aged 56+, and descendants) enjoy full citizenship for life

Program Overview

Non-refundable donation

Donation entails a non-refundable $150,000 contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund.

Real Estate investment

The real estate investment route covers pre-approved projects such as hotel shares, villas, or condominium units. Joint investment starts from $200,000, held for at least seven years. Independent investment starts from $400,000 with a shorter holding period of five years.

Tax info

Grenada is attractive for zero personal income tax and no capital gains for companies registered within the country.

This is not financial or tax advise*

Visa-free entry
Estimated processing time



  1. Plan B passport’s internal due diligence
  2. Agreement for Plan B services signed
  3. Onboarding call with Plan B team scheduled to personalize the paperwork checklsit for you to gather the necessary documents for the application
  4. Plan B prepares government forms and complete the case to submit the application
  5. The application submitted to the Island by Plan B, no need for you to travel. The citizenship department due dilgience process begun
  6. Official pre-approval received
  7. Donatione is transferred
  8. Certificate of naturalization and passport issued
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