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April 27, 2022

WHY and HOW do Bitcoiners buy passports?

Passports for sale?

Sounds like an offer straight outta the dark web, doesn’t it?
Well, surprisingly – it is a legal procedure offered by multiple nations around the world through Citizenship-by-Investment programs.

Let me start with WHY would anybody need a second passport.

For different people, a second passport fullfills different needs. These are the top 3 reasons:

Reason 1: Tax regime – some nations offer zero capital gains and zero global income tax.

Reason 2: A Plan B. Bitcoiners tend to not trust governments and therefore, don’t want to be dependent on any one in particular. By obtaining a second passport they diversify their risks and decentralize their identity.

Reason 3: Visa-free travel. Depending on the strength of your original passport, you might want to obtain another travel document that would offer you a wider variety of visa-free travel coverage around the world.

So HOW does it work?

First, you need to choose which jurisdiction is the best for you. At Plan B passport, we typically do it together with our clients on a complimentary call.

Second, we decide if the Donation or Real Estate investment route is best suited for you.

After that, we prepare the paperwork and submit the case to the island for due diligence – this takes a few months.

Once your application is pre-approved – you make the donation/real estate investment.

A few more weeks later and your passport is in your mail box!

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