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December 15, 2022

The moral case for Sovereignty

As you all know, we spent the past two weeks in Europe talking all things jurisdictional arbitrage and how Bitcoin was the missing piece in the concept of flag theory.

Most of us have probably had personal experiences that brought us to this libertarian mindset of prioritizing individual freedoms.

But, how do we connect individual freedoms with flag theory?

Well, throughout history, having the ability to pick and choose where we want to go is one of the largest forms of liberty that we can experience and unfortunately, that’s not available to everyone.

James Wilson, one of the few men who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution said, “That everyone is at liberty to choose the state of which he wishes to be a member. […] Those states, which manage their affairs best, will offer the strongest inducements to their own citizens to remain and to others to incorporate among them.”

Meaning, that being able to choose where we want to live and having the ability to go where fits us best is deeply rooted in the concept of liberty.

Flag theory is a way to limit your dependency on any one particular state by obtaining flags from different jurisdictions for your benefit.

Saifedean Ammous said that the biggest threat to Bitcoin is the state becoming responsible with money. We believe that the biggest obstacle to a freer future is people not understanding that they are currently not free.

We are born in a non-consensual monopoly with the state having power over you since you leave your mother’s womb. At birth you are assigned a tax number, a passport number, and a birth certificate.

You’ll notice that every major increase in identification bureaucracy takes place in the moments of a crisis. Let me give you an example:

100 years ago, a passport in the form that we know of today did not exist. The first time we ever saw mandatory passports was in 1920 when they met for the League of Nations. Of course, these mandatory restrictions were for everyone’s “safety” and would only be temporary. They actually discussed abolishing passports after World War 2 but we obviously know how that ended up.

Milton Friedman said, “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” and he couldn’t have been more accurate.

In this community, we all advocate for self sovereignty which typically means that we all tend to have an overall prepper mentality. But, one of the biggest real threats we should be prepared to stand against if a state actor attack.

So, you might think to yourself – I’m not a domestic terrorist, I’m not a crminal, I’m just advocating for freedom money. Why would I ever face an attack from a state actor?

Well, an example of how a normal, law-biding citizen can encounter a state actor attack is that they have their passport revoked.

For example, the EU can revoke your passports on the grounds of treason or disloyalty. Some countries, like Malta, Cyprus, and Ireland, can revoke your passport based solely on showing disloytal through acts or speech.

So, what speech will they eventually consider as “against the state”?

At this point, I hope you’re convinced that the state hates you and though it may sound radical to some, it’s about time we all realize it and do something about it.

Of course, the ultimate solution is a second passport but you do have other tools that you can utilize. Permanent residency, real estate, offshore banking, or having a foreign business entity.

And in the current world, picking the states that aren’t crazy, power hungry, and don’t have a totalitarian regime on the horizon seems to be getting more and more difficult.

World leaders change, your priorities change, the regulatory environment and policies change and just the last two years proved to us that nobody is safe from being forced out of their liberties.

Thankfully, we have Bitcoin a moral compass that provides us with the truth upon which we will build better societal structures.

Energy finds the path of least resistance, water flows downhill, and Bitcoiners will find freedom.

Bitcoin, a borderless money, enables jurisdictional arbitrage on another level by removing gatekeepers that hold your money hostage.

It takes away their ability to print endless resources support their violence and once the free market of competition between jurisdictions is truly established, just like in any capitalistic environment, there will be two driving factors: the price race to the bottom and the quality race to the top.

This is what will bring upon a societal transformation and transfer the dynamic of power between authority and people.

Instead of blaming the government and asking for it to change, people taking responsibilty for their lives and learning how to exercise their right to vote with their feet/money in order to fight for their place is absolutely necessary.

The way Bitcoin reslies on the nodes which rely on the node runners, the sovereign individual future needs you and I to start playing the game of jurisdictional arbitrage.

We each have the individual responsibility to push towards a freer world and each one of us needs to do our part in rejecting their “plan” that’s lined up for us. Life is beautiful and we have the opportunity to come together as one tribe of passionate, freedom-minded sovereign individuals.

To our freer future, cheers.