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April 21, 2022

The flag nobody talks about

I’m sure you’ve heard about flag theory – at Plan B passport we define it as a concept of limiting one’s dependency on any one particular state by “stacking” flags from various jurisdiction to achieve diferent goals such as low tax regime, safety and security, opportunities, regulatory environment, banking, visa-free travel and more. If you look into the tool box of flag theory you will see common instruments like passports, residency permits, legal entities, bank accounts, and real estate. However, today I wanted to add one more flag – your tribe.

If you follow any prepper resources – they talk a lot about building your trust circle as some threats are easier to sustain in groups. We can apply that onto flag theory as well – in case of a crisis which forces you to flee your jurisdiction, do you have a place in the world where you would be welcomed by your tribe, where you would have a trusted group of individuals with whom you have shared values, people that are willing to help you to sustain certain events, willing to share shelter, and support you emotionally.

Over the last couple of years we’ve all been forced into an emotional roller coaster: first came fear – fear of the unknown desease. Once the fear started to decrease, hate and anger came in – divide and concure at it’s best in a form of vaxx vs unvaxxed. Now with recent events, we see people dying in East Europe which pushes us into another emotional hole. And of course, the mainstream media who absolutely love manipulating our emotions did an amazing job at dividing us.

In moments like this, Tribe is one of the most implortant flags. Having a community of people that are on the same page, capable to withstand the BS forced upon you, sustaining the emotional preasure and staying strong with their principles.

Find your tribe!

– Katie Ananina
Founder; CEO of Plan B passport