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June 19, 2021

Philosophy behind Plan B passport

“The boundaries within which the future must lie have been redrawn.” – The Sovereign Individual

“We didn’t want to just sit and witness the “sovereign individual” thesis play out, we wanted to accelerate it. We are helping the free market evolve to make governments compete for your wealth, while incentivizing them to provide you with better services at better prices.” – Katie Ananina

Katie Ananina’s Story

I am an immigrant. For me, the idea of chasing the benefits of living in another country never sounded crazy. Just because you are born somewhere doesn’t mean that place will give you the best opportunities or be aligned with your goals as an adult. During my immigration journey I realized how having multiple residencies, passports, bank accounts, and driver licenses gives you options: a choice of which card to play based on the situation. And having multiple choices always means more freedom. As a 20-year-old Russian tourist in the U.S. I began to slowly play the jurisdictional arbitrage game without even knowing the term or being familiar with the concept. The more I played it, the more I realized that there must be a bigger movement that I wasn’t aware of, and after some time I stumbled upon the term Flag Theory. 

According to my own definition, Flag Theory helps you limit your dependency on any one particular State by collecting flags from jurisdictions that are beneficial to you. These flags can give you a lower tax burden, freedom of travel, and more suitable regulations for your business. They offer a way out if your current government turns authoritative or if your country has suffered a bad natural disaster. They can add whatever you deem valuable including just wanting to escape to a paradise island. 

Recognizing The Change
Over the last 18 months, we learned that even the most unexpected events can become reality. The freedom we thought we had has been taken away. Freedom to travel, freedom to peacefully assemble, and freedom to make our own medical decisions have been limited, backed by little science and a lot of threats. Many people switched to remote work from their “home offices” and realized how much more time they have without the long commutes and lunch lines. It’s become clear that the big cities we depended on for our income streams, social life, and window shopping have lost some of their glamour. 

We started seeing jurisdictional arbitrage on a federal level. The population decreased in big cities trending towards states, counties, and towns with lower taxes, lower cost of living, and overall better quality of life. It won’t be long until people realize that their work can be done from a home on the beach of a caribbean island, bringing tax liabilities to zero. In my recent interview with CNBC, I stated “If the government starts affecting me [negatively], I will take all [my assets] into my hands and go elsewhere,” and I believe everyone should have that choice.

Competition Breeds Innovation
Governments are service providers. And just like you can switch your cell phone provider if you don’t like what they’re offering or cancel your streaming subscription because the movies aren’t good, you should be able to switch your government. Voting with your money and voting with your feet is one of the most empowering actions we can take. America has long been called the “land of opportunity” inviting families from all over the world to take a chance and build a better life for their children. Now, there are more countries than ever that can offer those opportunities and all you have to do is update your documents.

Plan B Passports is accelerating the evolution of the free market to make governments compete for the fruits of your labor, incentivizing them to provide you with better services at better prices. Getting a second passport is easier than ever and it’s a smart hedge against any emergencies that may come up. Our company focuses on your unique needs and walks you through the entire immigration process, step by step.