Portugal, with its welcoming locals and pleasant climate, offers expats a desired quality of life, while also offering a great Residency-by-Investment program.

Key points

Shengen travel

Visa-free entry and travel across the Schengen

New possibilities for business development

Family residence

All family members can get a residence permit within 6-8 months with a right to employment


A way to obtain permanent residency and citizenship

Minimal stay

The required period of stay in the country — 7 days during a calendar year

Social and political security

Tax planning possibilities

Program Overview

The Portugal Golden Visa program will change on January 1, 2022, investors will no longer be able to invest in property in high-density areas such as Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. 

There are 3 options for Portugal Residency-of-Investment:


Investment in any real estate


Investment in a property that is subject to reconstruction and was built 30 years ago


Special projects that reduce the investment and allows an investor to obtain a residence permit for €280,000

Estimated processing time


PORTUGAL golden visa

  1. Client signs a service agreement with us
  2. Payment 50% of our legal fees
  3. Obtaining a tax number, opening a bank account
  4. Reservation of real estate
  5. Transfer of funds to an account in Portugal
  6. Completion of the transaction and receipt of property documents
  7. Preparation of documents for obtaining a residence permit
  8. Submission of documents to the immigration service
  9. Payment of the second part of the cost of services
  10. Obtaining prior approval and setting the date of arrival in Portugal
  11. Arrival in Portugal and submission of biometric data
  12. Obtaining final approval from the immigration office
  13. Obtaining a residence permit card
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